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Behavioral Economics: Protecting Our Portfolios From…Ourselves
If Keynes and Graham were writing today, their insights—like those of Ritholz, Ellis, Shiller and others—would be taken to support what has become known as the academic study of behavioral economics. This still-nascent field is a fascination to many of us at Clear Harbor, as it offers a psychological window into the decisions that all of us make in particular economic environments, including some of the most persistently vexing attributes of investor behavior.
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Quarterly Update
Clear Harbor Outlook: Q4 2014
From secession efforts in Scotland to further unrest in the Middle East to continued Russian intrusions in Ukraine, an American looking through the lens of geopolitics might presume that financial markets suffered mightily in the third quarter of 2014. Such an investor would be wrong.
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Clear Harbor CEO Interviewed on Bloomberg TV by Trish Regan

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Clear harbor CEO Interviewed on Bloomberg Radio
Clear Harbor's CEO was interviewed on Bloomberg Radio show "Taking Stock" where he commented on recent market volatility as well as global economic and monetary policy.
Clear Harbor's CEO Interviewed on Bloomberg Radio
Aaron Kennon was interviewed on Bloomberg Radio's "Taking Stock" by Pimm Fox where he discussed issues ranging from the state of the global markets to behavioral economics.
Tim Schantz Joins Clear Harbor Asset Management Team
NEW YORK, August 6, 2014– Clear Harbor Asset Management, LLC today announced that Tim Schantz has joined its growing team as Vice Chairman. Mr. Schantz will provide the firm with a perspective in both investment management and not-for-profit organizations that spans more than three decades. Tim served as president of ING Capital and later as president of the combined ING Furman Selz Asset Management.