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QE Takes Flight in the Eurozone
The road to reflation in the Eurozone officially commenced today with European Central Bank president Mario Draghi announcing a quantatative easing (“QE”) program which incrementally exceeded most analyst expectations in size and scope. Mr. Draghi fended off remaining critics of his QE policy—most notably the German Bundesbank and the German public—both who fear the consequences of a failed Euro experiment where liabilities purchased by the ECB could become the burden of the “wealthiest” of Eurozone nations. With that said, we note that only 20% of the planned asset purchases will represent the liability of the entire Eurozone bloc—a meager yet symbolically important quantity.
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Quarterly Update
Clear Harbor's Outlook for 2015
After years of complex but relatively benign market conditions, the investment story now being written appears divided between the diverging fundamentals of the major global regions on the one hand, and the response of central banks and currencies on the other. Our firm’s investment outlook for the new year is thus colored by the significant increase in volatility that promises to carry forward from 2014.
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Clear Harbor CEO Interviewed on Bloomberg TV by Trish Regan

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Clear harbor CEO Interviewed on Bloomberg Radio
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Clear Harbor's CEO Interviewed on Bloomberg Radio
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