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Clear Harbor Flash
Strong-Dollar Signals--June 3, 2014
Treasuries, and the dollars needed to buy them, remain the destination of choice in times of financial stress. But we believe recent moves have more to do with the relative progress in the U.S.ís extraordinary program of quantitative easing versus its main competitors in the sovereign wealth universe, Europe and Japan, and its pace of economic growth with limited inflation.
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Quarterly Update
Clear Harbor Outlook: Q3 2014
Year-to-date, the S&P 500 rose 6.95%, while the MSCI All World (ex-US) Index gained 4.84%. The Barclays Aggregate Economic Growth , our fixed-income benchmark, returned a total 3.75%. While each Clear Harbor client account is independently constructed, I am pleased that our core debt and equity strategies continued to outperform their benchmarks over the period.
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Clear Harbor CEO Interviewed on Bloomberg TV by Trish Regan

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Clear Harbor's CEO on Bloomberg Radio
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Clear Harbor CEO Aaron Kennon on Bloomberg Radio
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