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Values-based Portfolio Construction

At Clear Harbor, we incorporate values-based considerations and strategies into portfolio construction on an individually tailored basis just as we do risk tolerances, life goals, and other investment objectives and preferences. Clear Harbor has broad access to strategies germane to values-based investing that incorporate sustainability, religious-based exclusionary capital allocations, and a host of more niche products and approaches.

Performance data suggests that portfolio strategies can incorporate values-based criteria without necessarily sacrificing total return or other financial objectives.  In fact many studies on this topic even point to the statistical likelihood of outperforming a strategy that is devoid of such considerations.

Across our offices, Clear Harbor’s founders and senior management have long set a constructive tone by embracing many of the values-based inputs and considerations that we have deemed critical in the construction of optimal portfolios. Furthermore, our partners and employees are personally involved and committed to many of the core tenets that exist across values-based investing which include, but are not limited to, sustainability and religious-based approaches to investing through their involvement in the community and direct participation on various charitable boards.

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