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D. Roger B. Liddell

D. Roger B. Liddell

Vice-Chairman & Investment Manager

Roger serves as Vice Chairman of Clear Harbor Asset Management and is an Investment Manager and a member of the firm’s Investment Committee. Prior to joining Clear Harbor, Roger was a Partner, Senior Director, and Managing Director for 22 years at Ingalls & Snyder, LLC. His areas of specialization include energy and utilities. Within the energy sector, he concentrates on demand-side versus supply-side opportunities as well as providers of energy-efficient equipment and energy management services. He offers perspective on electric rate structures, generation economics, peak loads, price signals, and efficiency programs. Roger has been active with major environmental organizations such as Natural Resources Defense Council since the mid-1970s in efforts to establish policies supportive of rational energy markets. In this pro bono activity, he encourages regulators and companies to re-direct capital expenditures toward efficiency investments in lieu of additional capacity. He makes frequent presentations before academic and community groups and is a member of the Executive Committee of The Hotchkiss School Board of Governors.

Roger is a graduate of Princeton University (A.B. English Literature) and, after service as a U S Navy Reserve Officer (1967-72), Columbia University Graduate School of Business (MBA Finance & Security Analysis).