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Philanthropic Services

For many of our clients, philanthropy arises from the intersection of an individual’s or family’s business and investments and their life’s passions and personal interests.  Few of our clients are one dimensional and those interests often span quite a wide range of activities and areas of community engagement.

Whether serving on a not-for-profit board, committing time and treasure to a charitable cause or contributing to a donor advised fund, Clear Harbor can provide helpful perspectives.  Making a difference in this world and leaving a lasting legacy in matters of importance speak to both the heart and the head and Clear Harbor can provide helpful guidance in developing a thoughtful plan for individuals, families and the entities they support.

Growing out of our expertise in the wealth management field, Clear Harbor has developed meaningful capabilities for advising endowments, foundations and associations on sustainable investment strategies for the long term. 

By helping to reconcile the sometimes divergent requirements affecting operating best practice, development strategy, spending policy, benefit plans and investment approach, Clear Harbor can effectively partner with boards, executive staff and other entity stakeholders.  Working together, Clear Harbor can collaboratively address matters of prudent and transparent governance, the responsible fulfillment of fiduciary duty and provisions for inter generational equity, as well as help to generate resources for current operations through the implementation of prudent investment policies.