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Clear Harbor's Mission and Philosophy

At the heart of our mission is a collective desire to provide wealth management solutions to our clients, enabling them to realize their personal and financial objectives.  The Clear Harbor approach combines experienced portfolio managers who possess deep levels of market insight with a team of advisors who have in depth knowledge of a comprehensive range of financial planning topics to create a high-touch boutique wealth management firm

A productive client partnership begins with listening.  Through an informed dialogue, the right financial course can be planned, monitored, and adjusted over time.

Our approach allows our clients to concentrate on fulfilling long term aspirations without being distracted by the ebbs and flows of geopolitics and market volatility. With that said, we also recognize that human nature is not devoid of the emotions that can derail a responsible financial plan.  This is why we believe in the value of market-related behavioral counseling predicated on science and quantitative research.

At Clear Harbor, our personal capital is allocated alongside that of our clients, ensuring an alignment with client interests that sales-driven firms cannot match. This alignment, together with good governance and our fundamental investing philosophy, frees us from potential conflicts of interest, and allows us to place client interests first with every investment decision.