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Investment Management

The central function of our Investment Management team is to construct portfolios that meet the objectives of our clients while striving to minimize costs and monitor risk. Our team designs portfolios representing a multitude of investment disciplines and opportunities while maintaining a constant focus on client objectives and risk tolerance. In order to deliver optimally structured investment strategies for each of our clients, we offer both internally managed strategies as well as appropriate passive and “best in class” external managers.  

Our investment team collaborates on a daily basis but formally meets once week to review existing and prospective portfolio holdings, assess market opportunities, and determine whether a given strategy should be adjusted.   At Clear Harbor, we pride ourselves in our nimbleness and flexibility, as well as our objectivity founded on a constant and relentless search for facts, insights, and perspective.

The investment committee recognizes that while the selection and value of a given investment is essential, asset allocation and, ultimately, the broader market forces of the global economy must also be considered and respected.  With central banks from Tokyo to Brussels embracing negative interest rate policies and the U.S. Federal Reserve continuing to maintain rates at historically low levels, it is vital that our team adapts changed expectations of returns by considering fundamental, systemic and secular macro considerations as well.  

As a firm that manages each account separately, we recognize that many of our clients have a unique set of investment needs that do not fit neatly into any of our distinct strategies. For those clients, we are perfectly capable of providing customized investment portfolios that cater to a focused directive and specific set of restrictions.

Our investment management services include:

  • Identifying investment objectives and parameters for each unique client mandate
  • Structuring and/or recommending revisions to a client’s Investment Policy Statement
  • Creating tax efficient investment strategies
  • Embracing both active and passive investment options
  • Identifying external managers that can complement a comprehensive investment strategy
  • Incorporating existing holdings - as well as less-liquid assets - into an appropriate and customized portfolio
  • Provide overall portfolio and performance reporting